What Mentees Want

In the past ten years, since TiE Pune’s Charter Members developed a unique program to help start-ups – the Nurture Accelerator, it has helped 270 start-ups reach their goals. In its 10th cohort, Nurture has 60+ start-ups of whom 50% (or maybe even more) will achieve their goals and graduate successfully.

But what are their goals? What is it that these mentee companies want? How will these goals help them become successful? We ask a few:

Ashutosh Saitwal

Ashutosh Saitwal

Ashutosh Saitwal, Founder, KlearStack

I joined with the hope that I will get better market access and connections to corporates who may have a need for our product – KlearStack, that we have developed and offer. If Nurture can help me with this, then my business will most certainly grow furthermore.

Sushil Shelke

Sushil Shelke

Sushil Shelke, founder, Agrifood Tech Pvt Ltd

Well, we have developed a solution for farmers making it easy for them to process their products. Generally, it takes a farmer 30 days to dry their tubers and rhizomes produce. But if they treat their onions, ginger, turmeric, etc with our biotech solution and then follow our process of drying, then these 30 days are reduced to one day! We did try to reach out to the market but it did not work, in the sense that we got no conversions. We want Nurture’s help to devise a great go-to-market strategy that will result in sales. We’ve had a few rounds with our mentors Jitendra Tanna and Anand Chordia. I am pretty sure I will come out with a perfect G-T-M strategy.

Ayush Mishra (1)

Ayush Mishra

Ayush Mishra, co-founder, Alentar Electric

We have designed an electric bicycle that can go up to 70 km on a single charge and up to 25 km an hour. We also have a variant with side wheels for people who cannot ride a cycle easily on account of obesity or simply do not know how to. We have sold 45 such cycles so far and have joined Nurture so I can get help to raise approximately $ 1 Million (depends on metal price fluctuation) to help the bike go further and faster. This is because a very important segment of our customers, the delivery boys, do an average of 120 km per day. So, we have to fix that aspect of the cycle. Also, we want to target Tier 2 cities like Nagpur, Indore, Raipur, and so on. Nurture has assigned us to R. Ramakrishnan and Kartik Kale, who incidentally is an avid cyclist himself. Both give us very useful insights and we are pretty sure of raising funds once the metal markets stabilize.

Pooja Maheshwari

Pooja Maheshwari

Pooja Maheshwari, founder, Smarg Technologies Pvt Ltd

We have built a smart surveillance system that has AI applied over CCTVs for any type of premise. This system can provide different types of analytics like footfalls, demographics, and so on. It can also help provide real-time alerts on various SOPs like covid norms, or any SOP that a client may set up. We have already deployed this at Bangalore airport and various other sites. We need help scaling up, mentoring, GTM, business strategy and networking with mentors and peer companies to grow together.

 Contact us if you have a story to tell: rashmi.ghosh@tiepune.org

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