Learn From Highly Successful Entrepreneurs who have been there and done that

Apply learnings on your business in an interactive setup

The journey of an entrepreneur has ups and downs, excitement, uncertainties, achievements, frustrations and what not. Success and failure are constant co-travellers. It’s anything but straight. ‘Straight’ is what all entrepreneurs desire so desperately.

The journey starts with an idea, then romance with that idea, giving it the maturity and then growing the idea into a successful enterprise. Death as nature has ordained for all living beings is also part of it. However, all entrepreneurs want the journey to be memorable and legacy to live on. Even the pain must feel like pleasure.

In this journey, entrepreneurs look for guidance, advice, coaching and mentoring. While knowledge and expertise can be obtained in many ways, its application for each entrepreneur and her idea is different and makes critical differences in the journey.

TiE Pune masterclass exactly does this – provide knowledge, expertise as well as its application that is unique to each entrepreneurial journey.

  • Dedicated tracks – for you to pick that’s specific to your business stage
  • Team Learning – up to three team members are welcome to attend
  • Expert Faculty – that have walked the path you are about to embark
  • Chapter Membership – for ongoing engagement and learning
  • Structured Networking – share and learn from peers

Faculty - By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs