The Thing About TiECon - what draws entrepreneurs to it

It’s that TiECon time of the year when all start-up founders and the mentor community resemble hyperactive bees in a beehive. The TiECon in Mumbai today is proof of this. So, what is it about a TiECon that draws entrepreneurs to it? What is the big magnet that pulls people there? Here’s what some members say:

Ashutosh Saitwal Parag Pathare

Parag Pathare, founder, Smart Suburbs

I used to be a TiE Mumbai member and now have been in Pune for about eight years. I make it a point to attend a TiECon whenever I can simply because I like to listen to the industry bigwigs share their experiences and perspectives on various topics. It’s quite a learning experience for me. Where else can we get to do this besides a TiECon?

Abhijit Jorvekar

Abhijit Jorvekar, founder, Incrux Technologies

I have attended many online and offline events and to be honest, they are the same. They’re a repetition of the same. I am attending TiECon because I know that there will be a diverse set of people which makes it a great networking place. Such places are perfect to find leads for your own business or connect with other businesses. Besides owning a boutique services firm that provides security products, I also am a go-to-market consultant, and getting leads is very useful to me. So TiECon is the perfect place to be!


Rahul Bhanose, founder, BizAmica Software

We have taken a booth at this TiECon. This will benefit me in two ways. One is, that it will create awareness as TiECon Mumbai generally sees a larger audience. Secondly, I think informal interaction with people visiting our booth will help us validate our assumptions and the features of our products. It will help us gain insights into what people want and think of our product. The other thing is I am also going to pitch at TiECon as we are looking to raise USD 500,000.


Accolades to EduGorilla that received the Best Start-Up Knowledge Provider Awards 2022 from the Govt of India.

Craste creates zero waste 100% biodegradable packaging

Craste, which has been founded by the brother-sister duo Himansha and Shubham Singh has succeeded in developing a water-resistant, 100% biodegradable packaging that has zero effluent. In fact, their packaging has been picked up by the beer brand Corona which uses it for their six-pack beer cans. Says Himansha, “it took us three years to develop this as it is not easy to work with small fibre agro residue. But we have developed a technique that is patent-pending and now can manufacture packing with approximately three times less water, has no chemical waste and can get paper or cardboard of different GSM levels.” Not to mention that this helps in reducing stubble burning that becomes a huge issue in North India. Our salute to Craste!

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