Associate Membership

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs): TiE Pune is a Not for Profit organization which has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. The mission of TiE Pune is to foster entrepreneurship globally through the 5 pillars of TiE: Mentoring, Networking and Education, Funding and Incubation. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community.

We have a host of following events and programs for TiE Pune members that will help to learn and grow the network:

My Story sessions:  We have these sessions in different formats, like First Generation, Social, Women entrepreneurs, in addition to ‘Inheritors to Innovators’ series that features scions of leading industrial houses and ‘Puneri Brands’.

Interactive Monthly Meeting: We have monthly meetings on a variety of subjects and We conduct these sessions in different formats, wherein; speakers from all domains – share their success stories behind forming established brands, their competition and challenges journey with legendary giants amongst the attendees.

Workshops | Masterclasses:  The half day and full day workshops that are carried out on topics such as Selling, Funding, Business Model, Finance for Entrepreneurs, are oversold and were given excellent ratings by participants. These are three-hour or full day sessions with class room type teaching – to be able to have attendees drill down into their own challenges and create actions to help them improve their businesses.

Nurture Accelerator Program: This initiative by TiE Pune is a mentoring platform for the Entrepreneurial Community which helps groom promising start-ups for a period of six months. Nurture is a rigorous process-led program for mentoring start-ups where-in we strive to create positive change in companies by inculcating discipline in all areas of entrepreneurship. Watch the video of Nurture Mentee talk #

One on one Free Mentoring: The TiE Mentoring program is focused on helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs (AE’s) get direct coaching and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and business managers that have been successful in the AE’s field of endeavor. The objective is to provide members and entrepreneurs with a mechanism to draw on knowledge and experience that is resident in TiE Charter Members (all of whom have been successful in an entrepreneurial venture). The goal is to assist a member with his or her entrepreneurial ambitions. Any TiE-Pune member can request one personal mentoring session with TiE Charter Members. The requests are processed on the basis of availability of mentors. The sessions last roughly one hour and topics of discussion are usually related to start-up Companies or other professional matters.

TiECON Pune: The largest gathering of Entrepreneurs in Pune! This annual conference sees the participation of over 700+ Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Investors, Thinkers and Mentors. TiECON Pune brings the opportunity to get inspired by listening to keynote speakers, networking with fellow participants, chances to get funded and much more.

 TiE Pune Angels: TiE Pune Angels provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage a large funding base, from various TiE Pune charter members and investors around the world. Startups & Entrepreneurs can tap into the TiE Pune network as a strong investment group with a history of successful investments.

We are happy to share: After competing with 61 chapters globally, TiE Pune won the Best Turnaround award (2013) at the TiE Global Annual Retreat at Athens, Greece.

In (2014) TiE Pune was nominated in the final 5, from among 61 chapters, for the Best Chapter Award. In year (2015), TiE Pune was in the four finalists in the category of Best Contribution to Youth Entrepreneurship.

TiE Pune members are eligible for huge discounts on events, mentoring / nurturing, updates on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its events (apart from TiE), attending events globally, take benefits of the TiE global network and being a part of this vibrant, highly networked TiE Community.

For any membership related enquiry and details, please write us at – and we will connect with you.