What TiE Pune Can Do For YOU!

Has it ever happened that what you have been looking for, is found right next to you? And in this issue, we want to tell you that whatever you have been looking for, for your business, is right here! At TiE Pune.

So, what is it that TiE Pune can do for you? To begin with, we have over 70 Charter Members who are successful businessmen and women themselves and truly believe that the best way to give back to society is to help entrepreneurs become successful.

Sagar Godbole

“TiE Pune’s Nurture Accelerator program helped me validate my strategy and vision by gurus who have a bird’s eye view and have walked this path at the highest level.”

– Sagar Godbole

Using their expertise, experience, and desire to help others, TiE Pune runs specific programs aimed at guiding start-up founders. These are:

1. TiE Nurture Accelerator:
A deep program where mentors guide young start-ups with all aspects related to their business – from validating an idea, marketing, technology, etc. Over the past 10 years, Nurture has mentored 270 start-ups. Says Sagar Godbole, founder, Poultryos a poultry ERP software and Nurture mentee, “this program helped me validate my strategy and vision by gurus who have a bird’s eye view and have walked this path at the highest level.” To put it in perspective, Nurture has a success rate of 39% whilst the global percentage of success for start-ups is 10%.

2. TiE Angels:
Money is the lifeblood of business, and our Angels help start-ups with funding. This is apart from the fact that they show you how to present your case to VCs and other investors. Says Rohit Manglik, co-founder, Edugorilla, “TiE Angels not only funded my business with Rs 1.15 Cr but also helped me with advice on varied topics. Their mentorship, guidance, access to super networks is always available when you need them.”


“Pratima Kirloskar connected our start-up to a two-wheeler giant, and this helped our business a great deal.”

– Azam Shaikh

3. TiE Industry Connect:
Are your customers, large companies? Or do you wish to understand some aspect of your business from a transnational or an MNC? Help is at hand. Pratima Kirloskar, who leads this initiative, helps connect start-ups with industry giants. Says Azam Shaikh, co-founder, Tight The Nut, “the best help we got was the industry connect that Pratima Kirloskar organized for us. We were actually connected to a two-wheeler leader in the country, for whom we now provide data analytics service. In fact, it was TiE mentors who pointed us in this direction – to expand our customer category to industry instead of just garage owners. This has helped us tremendously. It has doubled our revenues.”

4. TiE Student Engagement:
In a serious bid to provide students with the alternative to a career, TiE reaches out to colleges and runs programs to showcase the benefits of entrepreneurship. TiE Pune is currently running a Business Plan contest for college students – Biz QuoTiEnt, which has received 238 applications. Says Advait Kurlekar who heads this program, “this is part of TiE University Global Program that is in its fourth year and this is the first year TiE Pune is participating. In our very first attempt, we have beat all other chapters in terms of student participation. We enrolled in 10 universities and 48 colleges. Of these, we have 228 teams comprising 579 students. After multiple rounds of screening and evaluation, we now have five finalists. The winner from these five will qualify for the global finals in Silicon Valley in May. The prize money for the top three winners from Pune is a total of Rs. One Lakh. This is sponsored by Symbiosis International University.”

5. TiE Masterclass:
These are workshops that help the founders not just with theory but also with advice put into practice

Apart from this, TiE Pune also extends itself to enable women entrepreneurs, organizes its annual TiECON and FutureTech Conference where technologies, businesses, VCs, gurus, all congregate to share all that they have, to enable the start-up ecosystem.


Vineet Patni

In addition to these initiatives outlined, TiE Pune is ever-ready to help its members’ businesses in every way possible. Says Vineet Patni, President, “our charter members who are successful businessmen themselves or are successful senior corporate executives have unique strengths and they actively contribute to our cause via our five pillars – mentoring, investing, networking, education, and incubation.”

If there’s any kind of help you need with your business, do reach out to us on email: reachout@tiepune.org

Contact us if you have a story to tell: rashmi.ghosh@tiepune.org

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