TiECON Pune 2022 – What's in it for YOU?

TiECON Pune is back. With the star performers of the business world, power-packed Masterclasses, busy-as-a-beehive networking, and more. So, what can you get by attending this event? Will it be worth the money you spend? A few past attendees tell you here why this event is a must for every start-up and what they got from it.


Ravi Raj

Ravi Raj, Co-founder, Skillaroo (saw 5X growth)

I have been attending TiECON for six years now and will attend this one too. I have benefitted vastly from this event. This event enabled us to capture Rs. 50 Lakhs of revenue through the networks that we built and the conversations we had at TiECON. I also attended the masterclass by Anand Deshpande and it is because we implemented his recommendations that our business has grown five times! I am definitely going to this one too!

Atul Kherde

Atul Kherde

Atul Kherde, Founder, Sushrut Designs (now has happy employees and made great connections)

TiECON is a pot of gold for any start-up founder. There are so many things that you can learn and adapt in your own business that will help you. It’s hard for me to put a number on it but suffice it to say that whatever I have implemented has been a real boon. For example, I picked up on the comfort and ease of working for your staff, as a result, we give our staff members an allowance with which they can buy anything that will make them comfortable in the office. So some bought sketching sets or plants, and they even pooled in their allowance and bought a speaker to listen to music. All this has helped improve the work environment and made people happy. And happy people are efficient workers. The other thing is, where else can you meet people like Pratima Kirloskar, Anand Deshpande, Hemant Jalan, and Ravi Nigam? I know of them but now, have met them too!

Anup Meher

Anup Meher

Anup Meher, VP, RCS Advisors (got a better understanding of new tech and trends in business)

We are basically an investment banking firm and a small amount of our funds is also invested in start-ups. I always attend the TiECON simply because it brings us up to speed with what’s going on in the world. What are the new technologies, what are the trends, and all such insights we can gain from this event that helps us with our business? I am definitely attending this TiECON too!

Feby Johnson

Feby Johnson

Feby Johnson, TiECON Pune attendee (understood the VC mindset)

At the time when I attended the last TiECON, I was working on my new start-up and I found the insights that I got very useful. I got a clear picture of how investors view start-ups, what they look for, and what is their mindset. I also learned how to scale up your company. But unfortunately, Covid struck and I shut down my company and sold it actually. Now too I am toying with an idea, but I am not fully convinced of it. Let’s see, perhaps TiECON will help me again?

To know more about TiECON visit: https://www.tiepune.org/tiecon2022/

 Contact us if you have a story to tell: rashmi.ghosh@tiepune.org

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