When An IT Services Company Creates A Product

Dr. Prashant Pansare

Technology is such a beautiful enabler. You can imagine anything under the sun, and there are tools that will help you convert mental images into physical (or virtual) products. And for some people, it can be hard to reign in the horses of the mind that gallop into the future.

Says Prashant, “It’s already being stated that AI, ML are going to be technologies most used in the future. And I know that all the biggies are using them. But what I have observed is that they have different platforms that use them singly.”

“The applications available were all interface apps. I wanted to build an integrated app. What if we could put all this on one platform and get real-time inputs from data?”

But Prashant saw many uses that Big Data could be put to. “I had done a blog on how Big Data could help in elections, for example. In fact, journalists too use text mining to figure out fake news.” But the problem was that each of these applications of Big Data, AI, analysis was being done separately. The applications available were interface apps. I wanted to build an integrated app. What if we could put all this on one platform and get real-time inputs from data?

“So, we have large data that is structured and unstructured. To integrate this, we devised a sensor for computer vision that could capture data from multiple sources, technically known as wrangling. Then using MI and statistical processing, the explored data is delivered for visualization – that is how you see them in graphs and charts. So far, all these tasks were separate tools, but we developed an integrated platform to put them all together.”

It took Prashant two and a half years to develop this product. Says he, “we needed specialized people, data scientists, software tech engineers etc. We were ready to launch our product but could not do so as Covid struck. So, I decided that let’s turn it into an opportunity. Why not make our product even better? At the end of it all, we converted our service capability into product development.”

“We were ready to launch RubiScape but could not do so as Covid struck. So, I decided that let’s turn this into an opportunity. Why not use our time to make our product even better?”

This year, RubiScape was recognized by GEM (Gov. of India e-marketplace). What makes this entirely made in India, atmanirbhar product different? Says Prashant, “simply put, we offer different uses on a single platform. Because of this, it becomes easy to use. This in turn will increase productivity. Take for example a path lab that does hundreds of X-rays. After the image has been taken, the technician will have to go through it to give a report. This can take hours, given the number of X-rays he has to check in a day. But with Rubiscape this can be done in a matter of minutes and the report sent directly to the doctor for a diagnosis. The other benefit is affordability and quick ROI. Also, RubiScape can be used across industry verticals. So not just healthcare, but agriculture, drones, restaurants and so on.

“In fact, we already have two big clients signed up – Bajaj and Thermax. And I’m sure many more corporates and even smaller companies will find several uses for our product.”

But what about competition? “Fortunately for us,’ says Prashant, “what is available in the market is interface products unlike ours which integrates everything, ML, AI, computer vision, etc.” The future plans are to launch RubiScape globally. But an entrepreneur has to not just think far geographically, but also look into the future. Understanding that there will be a greater need for AI and Data Science professionals, he has also launched what he calls a ‘side product’. “It is an ed-tech product that helps people learn AI and Data Science skills. We have already signed up MOUs with IIT Mandi, Mitcon, VIT, MIT and Bhakarachalaya Pratishthan.”

Well if Jesus said “ask, and you shall receive’ technology it looks like says ‘imagine, and you shall have.

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