The Nurture Accelerator Program has been specially created by successful business founders to specifically help start-ups. It is a nine-month rigorous process-led program for mentoring entrepreneurs that creates positive changes in all areas of their business. This is done by a set of seasoned entrepreneurs who run successful businesses themselves and guide the mentee in various aspects related to entrepreneurship.

As a mentee company, you will not only learn how to create a sharply differentiated business strategy, but also be coached in several aspects including team composition and leadership, business ethics, planning processes, competition mapping, networking and fund-raising. This is supplemented with classroom-based sessions where experts share practical knowledge on vital business areas.

The general norm of success of start-ups globally is just 10% but our program increases that success rate by multifold. 84 companies of our past mentees have come out successful in terms of growth and revenue, market standing or fundraising.

Startups Selected
Startups Graduated
Entrepreneurs as Mentors


Roadmap creation for your startup
Dedicated Mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs and domain experts
2 days strategic boot camp mentors and startups across sectors
Effective networking with peer entrepreneurs and seasoned established entrepreneurs
Guru Sessions by industry experts on — Scaling, Networking, Valuation, Five forces and Guidelines for pitching
Investor Connects – Opportunity to pitch at TiE Pune Angels
Showcase at graduation – Press coverage for your startup
Access to TiE Pune Angles and other Angel / Institutional investors



“What Nurture did for me was to teach me to think big. Really big. So, while I was thinking of becoming a successful digital lending company, at TiE Pune’s Nurture program I was forced to think beyond that. To think of not only becoming a great digital lending company but think of becoming a digital bank.”

Akshay Mehrotra
Founder, Early Salary


“As Charter Members we always had young entrepreneurs telling us that they could not get funding and on the other hand there were VCs who’d ask us if we knew of any good start-up to invest in. This disconnect was not just about money finding a start-up as we found that not many entrepreneurs were not ready enough to spend the money right even if they got it. There was a need to have a structured program that would prepare them for the path of entrepreneurship in all ways besides just money. Also, we realized that we had the experience, expertise and the will to help young entrepreneurs. And not just in one industry but across industries and in all aspects related to business. So, we launched Nurture for Pune’s start-ups.”

Ajay Bhagwat
Founding team member, TiE Nurture Pune
Founder , Renu Electronics

“The mentors work closely with the start-up to validate the idea, prepare the go-to-market strategy, scaling the business and help them to get ready for funding. As part of the nine-month program, all mentors and mentees meet physically at the two-day Boot Camp which will start from March 12 where each start-up will go through an intense process of evaluating their strategy and the way forward.”

Jitendra Tanna
Chair – Nurture Accelerator Program
Founder – Eternus Solutions


1. Who can apply for the program?

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2. What is the program structure?

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3. What are the graduation criterias?

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4. Is there any fee involved in participation?

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5. How do I apply for the program ?

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6. What is the evaluation process?

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