Masterclass Sessions


  • To enable attendees to understand the subject matter, identify problem and challenges internally, devise solutions and future roadmap.
  • Participants should leave the masterclass with new insights into their business and associated actions required

TiE Pune masterclasses are different as the objective is to enable each participant to solve individual problem (s) during the class.

Masterclasses will be conducted over video conferencing. Knowledge sharing session will be ~45 minutes. This will be followed by problem solving in small breakout sessions and with co-faculty to guide each break out group. In digital format, the breakout exercise can be 45 minutes to few days as decided by the main faculty.

Participants are expected to do self-study and prepare their questions

Problem Solving Philosophy

Participants will be divided into small groups to solve take up case studies specific to individual start-ups. However, masterclass faculty will devise couple of case studies away from their domain to ensure that founders have wider perspectives to analyse and provide solutions to problems posed by fellow TiE entrepreneurs, friends who may be thinking of doing a start-up.

Masterclass Methodology

  • Maximum participant count in each class will be restricted to ~30. A class will be repeated in case there are more registrations
  • Virtual class ~45 minutes covering content & at least one classroom exercise
  • Virtual faculty to solve real-life problem in breakout sessions ~45-60 minutes to 2 weeks
  • Feedback in two stages – Virtual classroom and real-life problem solving
  • Program to be managed by TiE office under guidance of Kiran Deshpande + Akash Surekha
  • Learning Platforms: Explore OpenEDX, Harbinger, IITB et al (Content & Learning) and others

Technology and digitization has enabled out of Pune faculty as well as participants can attend the class. All masterclasses will underline leveraging these factors to scale up fast.