June 18, 2021


Sailing the boat of entrepreneurship is not an easy task as all start-ups must know. First you have to assemble all the parts needed to make your boat. Get them to hum a perfect tune. Know the route you will take. And then when all is ready you may face choppy seas, defective parts or misread your map. Ah, well the path to success has many hurdles.

TiE Pune is all too familiar with it. And available to all founders who need this advice. Success after all is a sum total of the right decisions taken at the right time. So, let’s start at the beginning. You have a business idea? Here’s how TiE can help you with that. With our Nurture Accelerator sessions that has a success rate of 39% when the accepted standard is just 10%


Jitendra Tanna

At the online program organised on June 10, TiE Pune Nurture Chair, Jitendra Tanna explained how TiE Pune helps young entrepreneurs. Said he, “Our Nurture program is a 36-week program that helps entrepreneurs build a strong foundation. Our experienced Charter Members who run successful businesses take our mentees through the four pillars on which a successful business stands. These are Strategy, Globality, Leadership and Ethics.”

In the nine years since this program began TiE Pune has helped 213 companies become successful.

As a testimony, Sahil Sharma founder, Gig India one of the mentee companies (Nurture 6.0) said, “when we started, we had five companies and 1000 gig workers. Today we have 100 companies, are present in 200 cities and have a Million gig workers! All thanks to the guidance we got from TiE Pune”

Uday Kothari

Uday Kothari

Your start up needs funding? TiE Pune can help, not just in raising funds but by providing an understanding of what you need, how much and at what stage of your business cycle. Uday Kothari, chair TiE Angels said,” Ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the execution that matters. And execution needs money. A start-up needs to also demonstrate a product market fit. We help start-ups with evaluation of the business, pitching to VCs/investors, due diligence and have the bandwidth to invest from 50 lakhs to Rs 1.5 Cr.”

Abhishek Ballabh founder ExtraaEdge said “with the help of TiE Pune who showed us how to think big, we have raised $2.5 Million, crossed revenues of nearly a Million dollars and have expanded globally where we have customers across four different continents. I would highly recommend any founder to join TiE Pune to learn how to build a company successfully.”

Kiran Deshpande

Kiran Deshpande


Anand Deshpande

Advait Kurlekar

Advait Kurlekar

Many a time a founder may need further help with his business. TiE Pune’s Master Class is where you go to get solutions. Kiran Deshpande who chairs the Master Class said “this is the place you come to get solutions for your business. Should you give a discount or not, get a go-to-market strategy for your business, understand the context in the life cycle of your company, or you may want to grow from Rs 5 Cr to Rs 50 Cr but don’t know how. Master Class gurus who are successful entrepreneurs themselves will show you right from validating your business, how to scale up, branding, finance basics and more.”

Prasad Deshpande, founder of StdyGrp Technology said, “I’d like to thank TiE Pune for the Master Class in Nov 2020. The learning from these sessions helped me tremendously in the execution of my plan. The follow-up sessions with Kiran Deshpande, Anand Deshpande and Advait Kurlekar particularly on go-to-market and scaling up were extremely useful. I wish all founders who are building their ventures go through this Master Class. Thank you TiE Pune.”


Zelam Chaubal

TiE Pune has a special team that helps women entrepreneurs. Zelam Chaubal who heads the team said, “Irrespective of the size of your business, our women cell helps any woman, and we are domain agnostic. We have three programs; Open Mic Nights which is held on every Tuesday of the month, where women can open up about the problems they are facing in their companies. Active Learning workshops and Connect series which is held on the third Wednesday of the month. We are also organising a TiE Global contest for women entrepreneurs where you stand a chance to win $100,000 equity free money.”

Dr. Parul Ganju founder of Ahammune who won the runner-up at last year’s contest said, “Winning at the TiE Global event has added a lot of credibility to our business. The networking opportunities and the mentoring we received from industry stalwarts has helped us tremendously to consolidate our business plan.”


Pratima Kirloskar

Does your business need to get connected to Big Corporates? Come to TiE Pune who run Corporate Connect that helps connect start-up founders with Big Daddy companies. Pratima Kirloskar who founded TiE Pune and who chairs this initiative said “we regularly showcase start-ups’ work to corporates who may have a family member not interested in running the company. They are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio through such interests. Or the product or service of a start-up may find a fit in the corporate.” Pratima has tied in CII and Family Business Network who review these presentations.

Sudhir Patil founder of Leap, a lighting technology company said, “we have a technology to harvest daylight to reduce energy consumption by 70-80%. To do that, we realized that we needed to present before progressive leaders who’d be willing to adapt to this concept. And Corporate Connect did that for us. Because we presented to their companies, we now have two connects one which will convert into business and one which will work out as a collaboration. Thank you TiE Pune”

TiE Pune also has two flagship events every year, the famed TiECon where start-ups showcase their work to the world and FutureTech, that presents the latest technologies in Healthcare, Fintech, Insurance and Manufacturing 4.0

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What some of the non-members who attended the presentation had to say:

Anupama Modi

Anupama Modi

Anupama Modi, founder, E-ship Anchors

I think TiE Pune offers many things. Right from the start where you can validate your business idea, to growing to the next level. I was particularly impressed with how TiE Pune helps women. Women often start from home with no formal structure. Even if they are successful, structure can help them do better. TiE Pune has been a pioneer in this field and the kind of programs they bring to the table are extremely useful. I will surely join TiE but in Indore since I live there.

Arti Vyas

Dr Arti Vyas

Dr Arti Vyas, founder, Dravyas Herbal Formulations & Nutraceuticals

I think TiE Pune is very good. I will surely join. I am a doctor by training and have become an entrepreneur with Dravyas. All the mentors here are from the industry and if I as a founder want to enter a market who else would be the best to support me? One can get advice from other sources but I am not sure how relevant it might be. They may give good theoretical advice but TiE mentors have the experience and can guide one correctly. Seeing the positivity of the Charter Members has made feel confident!

Pritesh Baviskar

Pritesh Baviskar

Pritesh Baviskar, founder, Storeplum

I have been hearing about TiE Pune since long, but now I know exactly how they can help me. I have developed an online platform to sell any physical product. It’s been eight months and we have a good user base. Early next year I will need to raise funds and I think TiE Pune can help me get ready to pitch to investors. They have many people who have successfully raised monies for their businesses. They have senior businessmen who can show me how to scale up practically. I am especially interested in their Nurture program too.

Mayur Patil

Mayur Patil

Mayur Patil, founder, Small Spark Concepts

I need to raise funds for my business so I will surely join TiE Pune as they can show me how to. Moreover, they have a local pool of investors who are willing to invest in Pune start-ups or help you raise funds through other investors. Also, I think it is very important for any entrepreneur to network all the time so that he can share ideas with other similar minded people. Where else can you find so many business entrepreneurs at one place?

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