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Finance & Fund Raise

Finance and accounting is often not an area of expertise for entrepreneurs. However, they are expected to know right from simple revenue and expenses accounting to deeper nuances of a ‘term sheet’ (a document that contains the offer for investment by investors).

This class covers two broad areas:
1. Basics of finance and accounting – income, cash flow, balance sheet, and accounting principles that all founders need to understand
2. Fund Raise – external funding namely, debt and equity; angel to institutional rounds and internal funding that is building financial resources through selling products and services

The class will untangle all the terms used by investors and approaches by different types of investors such as angels, early-stage funds, and institutional investors. Participants will be divided into groups and their specific financing requirements will be taken up as case studies. Entrepreneurs will know if their company is investible and can determine the nature and amount of funding.


Darshan Rathod
Darshan Rathod
Co-Founder Partner, Acumen M&A Advisors
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar
Co-Founder at Loantap Financial Technologies