Webinar on ‘Nurturing the Future’ held on April 30, 2020

Four TiE mentees recounted how TiE Pune’s flagship Nurture Acceleration program had proved to be a springboard for their entrepreneurial success:

Gunjan Jain, Founder & CEO of Vytal Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.

Surbhi Saxena Madwani, Co-Founder, Woo Hoo Screens

Akshay Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO, Early Salary

Abhishek Ballabh, Co-Founder, Extraa Edge

Vinay Nathan, CEO & Co-Founder, Altizon moderated the 60 minutes session.

Through a personal sharing experience they elucidated the value and learning that they had derived from their Nurture Acceleration association.

They spoke about the bonding and the priceless relationships that they shared with their mentors – which continue till date.

Gunjan Jain said that she benefited immensely from the Nurture Acceleration program through the valuable guidance imparted by the mentors. She was able to put all her learnings into action and that translated into an 8.5X growth in revenue last year for her company.

Surbhi Saxena Madwani echoed the same sentiment and said that all the guidance had yielded positive results and her company was on an upward trend with good growth.

Abhishek lauded the efforts of his Nurture Acceleration mentors in offering him significant guidance, and helping him and his partner Sushil in drafting a meaningful vision statement and imparting invaluable philosophical guidance.

He went on to add that their inputs in helping them formulate a go to market strategy, polishing their value proposition, and above all being a sounding board for their strategies and challenges during the course of their journey were unparalleled.

During the program he said that they were armed with clarity of purpose and objectives and well counselled on the future strategies. They then moved ahead with confidence and were also able to raise funding for their company.

Akshay Mehrotra spoke about the excellent mentoring he had received from his mentor Hemant Jalan. He highlighted the out of the box thinking that this program had encouraged him to do, and how his mentors were instrumental in improving his bonding and friendship with his partner. He summed up his experience by saying that a mentee of Nurture Acceleration acquires a ‘razor sharp focus as an entrepreneur’.

Jitendra Tanna, President & CEO Eternus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who heads the Nurture Acceleration initiative at TiE Pune gave an overview of the Nurture Acceleration program:

  • Nurture Acceleration is a very structured program, committed to building a rock solid foundation for all those who join it. The four pillars that were key to the program were: Globality , the Strategy around it, Leadership and Ethics.
  • He stressed on the importance of these four pillars in all stages of a company, right from the ideation stage to full-fledged operations and growth.
  • He reiterated the importance of business ethics at every stage, whether it was when the company was contemplating going global or scaling up to the next level. For TiE Pune, business ethics occupied centre stage in all the operations of a company.
  • He mentioned that 8 successful Nurture Acceleration programs had been conducted so far and the stage was set for the 9th which would be announced on the 1st of May 2020.
  • This program is akin to a graduation course. It was similar to a 6 – 8 months graduation program.
  • He was happy to share that they had graduated 90+ companies over a span of 8 years
  • He mentioned the close association and partnership that they shared with the TiE chapters of Hubli, Nagpur and Surat.
  • Commenting on the big positives of the Nurture Acceleration program he said it had the right set of mentors with the matched expertise to mentor the registered companies. Based on their past successes they were adept at advising the mentees on the future growth and strategies.
  • Due to the busy schedule of the mentors, they would have been otherwise unavailable, and direct access to them would have been a challenging task; however, interactions with them are possible through this program.
  • The other key highlights of the Nurture Acceleration program were: one on one sessions, boot camps, and specific sessions on sharpening your presentation skills with a special focus on presentation in front of potential investors.