Since its inception, TiE Pune has utilized its vast network of successful entrepreneurs to give back and foster the next generation. An entrepreneur, usually in his initial stages, is not well versed with all the aspects of business, let alone being master of all of them. TiE Pune bridges the gap between the industry experts who are willing to give back the knowledge and experience, and the entrepreneurs who are looking for getting educated about any business vertical. Programs are designed to benefit students, ideation stage wanna-preneurs, growth stage start-ups and even been-there – done-that entrepreneurs who either want to contribute in the sessions or brush up their knowledge!

We host the below programs for educating the start-up community on all the business processes.

  • Interactive Breakfast Sessions – We have breakfast sessions on variety of subjects and till now, 1400 people have participated in these to share their knowledge and experience. An interactive session of 2 hours on alternate Thursdays helps the community to gain knowledge and stay updated on the various areas of running a business. The topics range from sales and marketing, funding, team building, social media for growth, legal aspects of business etc.

  • Full day and Half day workshops – Based on similar format of a breakfast session, TiE Pune hosts workshops of different duration, depending on the requirement of the topic. The workshops that have been conducted in the past are on the topics like time management, scaling-up your business, selling to US / European markets, finance for non-finance entrepreneurs, etc.




Global Program