Become A Charter Member

Charter Members are successful veteran entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals who have reached a stage in their professional life when they are ready, willing and able to contribute to fellow members. Charter Membership is by invitation only and subject to a due process prescribed in the TiE bylaws. Charter Members pay significantly higher annual dues than members and help underwrite TiE operations. The annual membership dues are $1500 annually. No additional initiation fee is required. Charter members benefit by networking with each other and derive satisfaction through helping budding entrepreneurs. They also gain opportunities to participate in start-ups in many ways.


Membership by Invitation Only

  • Recognition of support at Inaugural/Annual functions and on the website
  • Opportunity to participate in monthly events as speakers and/or panel members
  • Opportunity to serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity to network with other successful entrepreneurs in the Bay Area
  • Participate in the leadership and management of TiE at their Chapter or at the Global level through TiE Global


Nomination Procedure

  • TiE-SV CMs in good standing may submit nominations with the exception that CMs on the TiE board are not eligible to nominate
  • Please contact the Charter Memberships Associate (Daria Jammal – daria@tie.orgphone 408-914-2981) for the application form
  • The names will be reviewed by a Nominations Committee of the Board that will work with the Chair for Charter Member Relations. This committee will decide on whether to encourage or discourage the particular nomination. If the decision is to “encourage”, the nominator will be requested to assist in finding two more CMs to support the nomination; the Nominations Committee may also assist in this process. On completing the nomination, it will be placed before the Board of TiE Pune who will then decide on inviting the nominee to Charter Membership
  • The Nomination Committee will also consider names on their own of individuals who they feel should be invited to join the Charter Membership. The process of obtaining three supporters for each nomination will be followed. The decision on invitation will remain with the Board
  • The Nomination Committee will consist of the Chair ( Prashant Shah), Charter Member Relations and 3 other Charter Members who are not part of the Board
  • The Board may approve all recommendations from the CM chair or defer selected nominees for further review
  • If a nomination is deferred or not accepted, the Manager, Charter Member Relations will contact the nominator to inform them of the Board’s decision
  • We would prefer that the nominator be the person who interfaces with the nominee rather than have the nominees call the TiE office


Charter Membership Acceptance Procedure

  • Once approved, the new CMs along with their sponsors are notified via an emailed acceptance letter
  • An invoice, a CM handbook, CM Policy and a mission statement are included as attachments with the email
  • The Manager, Charter Member Relations will follow up with the respective nominee to collect dues. The CM is initiated upon payment of dues
  • A nominee has up to six months to accept their Charter Membership. After six months, this nomination is no longer valid
  • If a nominee wishes to accept the nomination after six months, board approval is required
  • An email will be sent to the sponsors and the nominee that the nomination has not been accepted and no longer valid
  • New CMs are invited to an Orientation lunch, hosted by the President, Past Presidents, ED and the Chair for CM Relations

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